Hey! Are You Joking?

One of my recent favourite television shows was “生老病死”, which was shown on channel U on every Monday midnight. The Korean documentary based on researches on health issues was very informative.

From one of the episodes, I learned about the benefits of walking, which was much better than jogging; and in another episode, I realised that laughing loud for 15 minutes would prolong two days of our health. I was not very concern about living longer but a healthier life.

This television program urged me to start off with one of my dreamed blogs, which was meant to gather jokes that I had been forwarding to friends through emails. It would be a place where bored internet surfers could find entertainments in, and hopefully, it could eventually make people laugh.

The title of the new blog was not very SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effective, however, was interesting and unique; and that was the best I could think of when all the straightforward URLs were already taken up.

Lots of time was spent creating the logo and designing the Layout. Alas, I came out with a logo of an apple with smiley face acting cute with tongue sticking out. The last thing was a normal smiley face.

Hey! Are You Joking? – http://heyareyoujoking.blogspot.com – link to it!

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