Lunch at NTU, Dinner at TG Pagar

On Thursday, our lunch was at NTU. Dessy was not free to join us this time. We met up with Jingkun’s girlfriend at the same food court near NIE. I tried the Indonesian stall besides the western food, getting a plate of fried chicken with fillet, which cost $4.80. The curry sauce was good and the chicken was good, but the fillet tasted almost same like the chicken; overall, it was good.

Jingkun sent his girlfriend home and then he demonstrated filling up his car’s oil tank before we went back to office.

Jingkun and Weitat went to find Mingli for dinner but I decided to continue with my work. I went to the hall for volleyball at around six PM. Mingfa was already doing his coaching there and my gang were around as well. I got changed into my sport attire with the new FBT shorts Mingfa help to buy. Next was a comfortable sleep by the side of the hall with no disturbance from the mosquitoes.

With my right hand in pain due to the badminton session the day before, I began my volleyball game with very lousy performance. Towards the end, I eventually got used to the pain and stiffness but the fun began too late.

I joined them for dinner after volleyball. Mingfa went home earlier to fetch his sister’s car before coming back for Weitat, Mingli and I. In the end, we realised Wilson and Mingen were joining us. The three of us took a car each and we approached the prate shop near my house. I was in Wilson’s car for a recap of fondable memories of the past which big group of us went for meal after volleyball.

Wilson and I avoided making a big turn but the rest of them did not seem to know the road well enough. The prata was off standard for the night.

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