No Sweat, No Ache, Zero Metre

Irwin returned to Singapore yesterday morning. He messaged me in MSN at around nine PM to ask me to go for golfing. I was itchy for it as well, especially for the late night experience, I agreed instantly. He reached my place twenty minutes in his brother’s car and we sped off to the Queenstown shooting range.

We managed to reach before ten PM but the auntie told us that even though the range centre would be opened until eleven PM, the shop was closing at ten and without the clubs, we had to give up. We decided to go home straight away and turn up early at seven AM to “knock” on the shop’s door.

I did manage to wake up at six AM but was too sleepy to clear my mind before I started dozing off for another hour. Irwin messaged me just in time and I quickly got up and started preparing. We met up at eight AM and it was really fortunate that Irwin could get his brother’s car again such that it greatly reduced my travelling time and waste of strength.

It was my third golfing session and we went to the second level again. The weather was fine at first but it got a little warm for some time before it drizzled for a few minutes. Everything was fine except for the number of smokers who were dying to get lung cancer.


There was not much improvement for me since I still could not withhold my own bullish strength and greed to slam the golf club towards the ball, such that I could not get a perfect hit. Nevertheless, the continuous reflections through the entire game did save my hands from having muscle ache. It was the first time I left the shooting range without internal pain, but also the first time I suffered from blisters; three burst and two recovered.

We played a total of around six hundred balls before I gave up and Irwin got himself another fifty plus and finished them in no time. It was a great relaxing morning.

We went for brunch at Vivocity and I finally got to enjoy Long John Silver’s combo one again. Irwin got himself some name card papers and ink cartridges before sending me home.

Golf would probably resume after his return from Korea next Friday.

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