Special Lunch and Faris’ Briefing

I had lunch with Faris, Cheng Hong and Weiming together yesterday. It was the first time I dined with them together after almost a year. I felt weird to put on seat belt at the back of Faris’ car but since Cheng Hong did it, I assumed it was polite.

Anyway, we went to Jurong East and I only knew it was somewhere near Mingli’s house. I had a plate of chicken fried rice from the Muslim stall and it was quite good. All along, Faris talked a lot and his stories were very interesting. Weiming chatted with him more inside the car and when we were eating, Cheng Hong had more experiences to share.

I kept quiet most of the time since I had to gobble up my hot food in order to rush back for briefing. Nevertheless, I was in an outer space when their conversations involved with some names in the market.

We were late for the night cycling briefing but luckily someone had opened the theatre to house all the early birds. Faris gave super interesting talks and I was very impressed with his jokes to entertain the kids who were getting impatient due to time delay.

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