The Veins Started Hurting Again

I tended to get sleepier at Bukit Batok. It was probably due to being in a place which I disliked and doing things which I was never interested in.

It was another crazy rush back to office in the afternoon, having to gobble up the food when I was actually granted permission to be late. The lesson was alright for the moment.

Into mid afternoon, more things started occupying my time. Weitat asked me to accompany him down to get some drinks and I got to see Mr Morgaya at the canteen. At first I could not recognise him when he called me and it took me a few seconds to believe his rare appearance. I tried to be a good host to entertain the guest who came over to help out in the big event.

As I got back to the office, trouble arrived with the Gallery2 project. I was not sure if I had caused any bug in the software but I was quite certain that I did only edit some layouts which were probably not crucial. My gang was waiting for me at the hall for badminton and yet I felt uncomfortable to leave the office without the problem solved. Later on, I found out that it was due to the user’s own mistake. It was probably a wrong start to be able to accomplish some of the requirements for changes; it would only lead to more problems for me in future.

The badminton session was alright. I got to team up with Mr Baey and he managed to prove that his skill was superb. However, I only got to play together with Zaki on the third court, and his persistency wiped off my stamina as we did not count the score. After getting a litte rest, Meihoe and I were preparing to play against each other but since Zaki was enthusiastic, I waited outside the court. Meanwhile, Jingkun called me over to play and thus, I lost the opportunity to play with her.

By the end of the day, I almost felt like collapsing. However, Jingkun started setting up the volleyball net and I could not abandon him. I went in search of toilet soon and all the toilets near the office did not have papers. After I got back to the hall, Jingkun, Weitat and Mingli wanted to start the volleyball and I could not refuse anymore. Therefore, I played with my exhausted body and aching right hand, in my weird stomach which I had bear with for almost the entire day. I was totally wasted in the game, causing the lousy results when I could not even serve the ball over.

Into real game, I almost thought I would drag the entire team down but I started to regain my energy speedily and performance was good. If it was not for the muscle aches, I would have done even better.

It was only around three games later, the old injury on the bottom of my feet relapsed and the veins were causing so much hurt that I gave up playing in case I could not get back home. I took a rest by the side until Jingkun stopped playing and he sent Clarence and I to the Jurong East MRT station.

My dinner was cornflake together with expired milk.

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