The Week of Flu, Cough and Sore Throat

I survived the week with the sickness. Life was in fact quite easy especially when the sessions at Bukit Batok were cancelled, except for one which I was on MC.

Having no strength to speak up loud in class was a waste when I was given the chance to perform. Basically, I was handling situation totally different from the past since the people I was facing were older and that the contents were actually so little as compared to the past, and partly, I was too exhausted to implement extremely strict discipline.

Thursday’s badminton was cancelled due to my illness, and my gang was busy. There would be a temporary pause for volleyball sessions due to hindrances from a bastard.

Juraimin came into the office in his home clothes on Thursday afternoon and I was shocked by his reply that he was transferred away. I would be missing him as a good colleague who had been offering excellent services. Anyway, it would be good for him at the new place since he probably needed not work for such long hours. Nevertheless, I felt so disgusted that the bastard’s backstabbing had won the battle for now.

Lunch was a torment for everyday in my health condition. I had to give up my daily mixed vegetable rice stall, and instead, went for noodles. It was stressful having to decide on what to eat.

The only chance we got to go out for lunch was on Friday since there was no lesson during afternoon. Jingkun sent his car for repair at Pandan Gardens and then we decided to go to the temporary West Coast Market to fill our stomach but ended up trying food at a coffee shop which Weitat claimed it was ultimately unhygienic. We spent around seven bucks each for the food and drinks, including prawn and a small bowl of soup. It was one of the most awful duck rice I had ever tasted. We took a cab back to office for some work before we left for the early Deepavali “celebration”. I took bus 196 home since I was lazy to stand inside the train and squeeze with all the weird smelling, uncivilised and selfish people. The journey was one of the shortest ever.

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