And He’s Gone – Faris

I had my third lunch session with Weiming and Faris on Friday together with George. I did not realise Faris was free since Jingkun did try to date him and he said he could not make it. Anyway, Faris took us to Clementi Avenue 2 where he treated us to chicken rice.

The entire office saw laughers when Jonathan broadcasted through email that Weitat would be absent on Tuesday and the reason was “Wedding”. Some of our colleagues thought Weitat was getting married and I further worsened it by telling Bernard that I suspected it was a shotgun.

Anyway, the Gallery2 project bugged me again. Bernard and I uploaded the original file and it proved my innocence and expertise in the recent modification. Someone could have removed a feature before I witnessed the existing of the website.

I went to the MRT station with Chairul, Desiree and Afni. We took bus 173 and got to the interchange and realised we could have waited for bus 105 or 106, which was nearer. Anyway, Chairul took the same direction train as me and we managed to have much longer conversation than ever.

During the journey, I felt so lost with the departure of Faris. Even though it would be my turn soon, the remaining days would be much more boring without this quick-witted colleague who had been helping me in all aspects of my work.

The first person who left was Clement who was sitting behind me. Next was Aaron Tang on my left, and followed by Kok Chiang who used to sit right in front of me. Finally was Faris who was sitting at my right side. Even though Alex had taken over Clement’s seat, my surrounding was still empty and it seemed more like a curse.

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