Another Boring Weekend

I had another boring weekend. The invitation by Gilbert on Saturday afternoon to visit the Marina Barrage was massacred by my laziness. Since his birthday had just passed, I believed his friends might be planning a surprise party for him and thus I did not want to be caught unprepared. Anyway, since he did not prompt me again on Friday night and I was not sure if the plan did resume.

Saturday noon opened my mind towards certain things. I was quite disappointed with my own observation and analysis, because they proved to be true; I could simply write a book about reading human’s basic behaviours and their real intentions.

I was back to updating of video blogs with the usual distractions. My younger brother and I had a couple rounds of Condition Zero and what was being lacked was my elder brother’s involvement.

The most irritating thing that happened on Sunday evening was when my mum told me my younger brother asked me to accompany her downstairs to buy rice. Anyway, she did ask me to accompany her to get the rice a few days ago but my timing could not match with hers. I did not expect her to be actually waiting for me to just to carry the packet of rice for so many days.

I hated the kind of tactic whereby you had to use another person’s name to pressure or force me to do thing especially when it was part of my duty to help out; it seemed hypocrite and was a great turn-off. Often, I turned a deaf ear to her when she tried this but she refused to do things in appropriate way.

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