Badminton and Volleyball Again

My health was at low level. There was a slight giddiness for the past few days; it had not happened for ages.

Thursday afternoon seemed to be unusually relaxing for me for most colleagues were out for a talk and that I simply stayed inside the lab where the lesson was cancel to buck up on my website. Sleeping bugs attacked me but I managed to get some things done.

Mr Baey came over and knocked at the door, and I was quite surprised to be found there since it was at the end of the corridor. Anyway, I started to pack up and go back to the office before going down to the hall to join the rest for badminton. It was weird that my two buddies did not bug me down earlier this time and they thought I was actually opening the lab for some kids again.

Weitat prepared me with the first few games before we started playing doubles. Mingfa seemed to be tired at first but eventually he displayed his usual skill to cover up for my lack of flexibility to control the racket. We had fun for the evening even though the play time was shorter since we started late.

We started setting up the volleyball poles and net after badminton. My giddiness and usual sleepiness put me down on the floor soon. I was not sure whether did I doze off completely but there were things running on my mind throughout the uncomfortable rest there.

I had lost touch with the game after missing in action for around three weeks. My team did quite badly and thus we could enjoy longer rest than usual.

The mild gastric pain recurred again and I decided to give up playing after the last defeat. At around ten, Jingkun sent Kachua and I to Jurong East MRT station.

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