Badminton without Weitat and Jingkun

Wednesday morning set me up with mixed feeling. I did not do my best this time round. I felt remorseful somehow due to my previous contribution to other groups of people that I failed to keep up with the pace; I was simply too tired.

It was good to work with Mr Baey because he was the first person to teach me things since first day of work. After that, Since Jingkun and Weitat had taken their lunch, I joined Mr Baey, Bernard, Weiming for lunch and Andrew tagged along just to do some shopping. We went to IMM’s food court and I was glad that they were all family men who could not afford to spend much. After lunch, we went to Daiso and Mr Baey treated us to the Japanese drinks, which I felt the price was not very cheap since the can sizes were small.

It became another terror once I got back to office. Before I could sit down on my place to brush up on my work, I got visitors. I was not sure how on earth would people think I was very free that they came to me over and over again for helps which took up lots of time. I would be very pleased to help out once in a while but it had been weekly issues that I felt like switching off my phone at work.

I was sick of repeating my tasks on hands and my personal work, and I hated my privacy being infringed. I boiled up whenever people assumed I was free while seeking helps from me.

I managed to control my temper for the day and Mr Neo somehow saved me without knowing.

It was fun to play badminton with Weiming, Dorothy, Mr Baey, Bernard, Alex and Vivian. Weitat was exhausted from his friend’s wedding and thus could not join us. I was waiting for Jingkun throughout but his laziness and tiredness sent him home directly after work. Sweating out released all the stress and anger.

It was painful to go home in the rain in my slippery after the game with my old injuries on the feet; each step took me great courage. I took usually long to get home.

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