Bastards on Train

On Tuesday, I woke up earlier than usual since Weitat was on leave and I had to cover up his work in the morning.

I had a tough time for the second hour as the keys were misplaced and it was the first time I used that room. Later on, I was trapped inside since I did not want to chase people off.

In the afternoon, there seemed to be a great miscommunication and that I had to leave my lab halfway. I wanted to share more of my knowledge but it seemed impossible with the sudden turnout.

On my way home inside the train, I stood by the side of the doors and the train was packed especially at Dover MRT. Suddenly, I smelt some food and realised two guys who were standing right in front of me were eating. One guy was chewing on bread and another guy was holding a packet of titbit, which seemed to be bah kwa. The smell was strong and they managed to catch many attentions with their super irritating voices, trying too hard to be DJ.

I was already in a bad mood but I tried hard to calm myself down for as much as I wished to insult them inside the loaded cabin, I knew well it would turn out to be a thrashing beat in my fury if they were to reveal more of their monkey-like behaviour. I would love to video it down in the process of confronting them but my phone’s battery was low and thus, I had to allow them to disgrace themselves in the public. Before I alighted, one of them opened another finger-food which was wrapped in a tube shape and I was sure many passengers would feel like slapping them.

Anyway, these two monkeys were probably from Singapore Polytechnic and I doubted both of them were Singapore Chinese, at least one was definitely not; since they were speaking in English and that they simply looked weird.

People who stay in Singapore are getting more ridiculous than ever and I’m having huge doubts of the situation in future. I believe the government is trying too hard to strive in this world to bring our economic to a greater level that certain aspects of the society are neglected. Can we live in a more gracious place?

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