Belated Birthday Lunch with Peh and Gilbert

Last Saturday morning, I met up with Kian Wee and Gilbert at Cityhall. Despite having very little amount of sleep, I managed to be late just for a few minutes. I was delighted to know that Gilbert was actually a bit later than me.



We went to Suntec City and most of the shops were still unopened. Our final destination was Cotton On where Gilbert had a spree at. The stuffs were quite cheap but I got turned off when I saw slippers with the “made in China” label, which reminded me of a long circulated email where pictures of infected feet were shown.

Kian Wee joined us soon. We went to Gilbert’s favourite shop, Top Shop, and both of them kept asking me to try on some jeans and t-shirts. I knew what they were up to and felt quite pressurized.

In the end, they shared the price of a jeans for me and I bought the other two t-shirts by myself in order not to disappoint or distort their money.

The long awaited lunch was at Marina Square’s Fin. Gilbert nagged at me when I wanted to order fish and chips for he thought we should be tasting the original fish instead of flour. Nevertheless, the small fish was never filling and that I totally had no interest in fish, except for it was boneless. At first, we thought the meal would be very cheap, but eventually we paid around $21 with promotion of one free set meal.

After lunch, we did not loiter around since Gilbert had another outing in the evening and Kian Wee needed to go for IPPT test. However, along the way back to Cityhall MRT, we passed by the BeetleBug shop and I got myself a pair of shoes. It was my first pair of non-sport shoes.

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