Birthday Dinner

I had birthday dinner with my family on Tuesday evening near Neil Road. It was probably my third time dining at the coffee shop opposite the E-Bay building where the only available stall sold seafood.

My mum started ordering food without consulting us and the funny thing was that she kept saying she did not know what to order. The food was okay but like what my elder brother had warned, they charged bill like robbery. The five plates of simple dishes eventually cost us $54 inclusive of five bowl of white rice.

They did not even dare to give us the receipt and when we claimed from them, we realised they charged each small plate of dishes at the price of “medium” plates. In the first place, they should have asked us about the portion of food before assuming that we could be big eaters. Seriously, I could not imagine how much smaller the plates could become if they had given us the “small” plates.

I supposed it was the last time I would ever want to visit that coffee shop that involved in extortion.

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