Confident Boost

I woke up early like the previous Fridays. The only difference was that the two hours before lunch time was occupied by extra workload. I managed to chat with Hirman as we worked together and at the end of the session, Jingkun came over to help out with the mess.

We had lunch at West Coast temporary market and both Jennifer and Kevin joined us. The usual plate of duck rice filled my stomach and we had a little shopping session at Sheng Siong supermarket after that.

Jingkun sent Desiree and I to Jurong East MRT station and both of us managed to grab seats. Since she was going to Cityhall, my journey was never as sleepy as usual.

I went straight to get my old watch fixed with new battery. The auntie was quite embarrassed to make me wait for long for she had many customers. While standing and waiting there, I spotted a cockroach and she praised me for my sharp observation. As I chatted with her about the messiness of the shop and lost of business opportunity, she was very impressed with me.

Her praises almost made me hang in the air but it was certainly a morale boost. Suddenly, she remembered me and she returned me a dollar as a discount.

As I was walking home, Cecilia saw me and she signalled to me that the bitch was not around and thus I went over to talk to her and followed by Uncle Sam. The past had made me a grown up, and the experiences gave me confidence.

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