Date with Bao Bei Fen Fen

The most awaited evening was on Wednesday. Originally, I was not supposed to meet up with Bao Bei Fen Fen on this day if not for the big screwed-up by me.

A rush home from work and the dashing out of my house almost wasted my effort for bathing in between. I had a big problem with shoes due to the rain on Saturday morning’s cycling in the rain.

It was my second movie of the year after the previous one with Guoxin. We caught the movie “Tropical Thunder” at Plaza Singapura and had some great laughs at the stupidity of the characters.

Since Mdm Seet gave me my second breakfast in the morning and that I only had two plain roti prata when I was having lunch for the second time with Faris and other colleagues, the hunger caused some gastric pains.

I had dinner with Bao Bei Fen Fen at MosBurger where we had quite a long chat until ten plus PM. A sudden numbness on my brain strike me and almost caused blackout but I managed to appear normal, and after I got better, suddenly I felt that the restaurant was very noisy.

Anyway, her eyes almost killed me.

I felt weird for not sending a girl home but I had to bear with the uneasiness and worries in order to avoid causing irritation.

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