Dinner at Rajar Inn and Birthday Presents

On Sunday evening, I received a sudden invitation to go out for dinner. Since my mum was not in Singapore yet and that I did not want to turn them down, I decided to give up my show – 鹿鼎记.

I met up my gang at Tiong Bahru Plaza. They waited at the restaurant called Rajar Inn where we invested in a buffet dinner again.

Being a light eater, it was not a good choice for me; it was definitely a waste of money especially when steamboat was such a bored stuff. The first dish was durian pastry, of a normal standard, and the rest was in fact not satisfying to me. The thirty buck spent was a total waste of money.

Braun Buffel Wallet

Nike Bag

I received my first two birthday presents of the year – a Braun Buffel wallet and a Nike sling bag. I had not heard of the wallet’s brand due to my lack of brand awareness, but it certainly seemed expensive, and owning such accessory was a waste of money on me.

It was very pressurizing to receive birthday presents, especially when my buddies had been saying that “how much you spend for others is how much you will eventually get back”. If you could afford a hundred dollar, would others be able to do it? I supposed family background could pose problems between friends.

I would not care about the value of the presents and I supposedly did not really need anything since I had eliminated all my NEEDs, unless someone could spare money for a DSLR camera or even buy a house for me.

Anyway, my buddies knew me too well that they bluffed me to show them my wallet and then they started replacing all my cards over to the new one since they knew I would not be using the new one any soon if they did not do it that way. It was the same scenario as the mobile phone chain which Weitat bought for me at Hong Kong a month ago and he borrowed my phone so that he could force the gift onto it.

I was practically being touched by their efforts.

Anyway, when Mingli teased that I did not get her any birthday present, I got the shock of my life. I was always not the one who went in search of birthday presents and thus, when my gang bought presents individually, I tended to have problems.

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