Dragon Gate Buffet Dim Sum and Alone at SIM

Friday was rather an interesting day. I was so exhausted that I could not get up on time.

Lunch was special since we went to Dragon Gate together with Daniel, Dorothy, Mrs Wo and Jonathan to have dim sum buffet and it was the first time we got to dine together with Mrs Wo and Jonathan.

Poor Mrs Wo could never take her time off from work, and she was occupied with her phone. Daniel faced the greatest challenge with his seafood allergy, whereas most of the dishes included prawn.

Sago – big versus small

I did not forget to leave some space inside my stomach for the dessert – Sago. I ordered two bowls at one shot and when the auntie brought them over, I joked that I wanted have the third one and Jingkun was tempted as well. We did not expect the auntie to come back with two big bowls of sago, which kept me in high spirit; the taste of the sago was enjoyable, but the service of the auntie delighted me more.

After work, Jingkun sent me over to SIM to submit my reply slip to confirm my decision to take up the course. He dropped me at the bus-stop and it was my first time being alone inside. I dialled the numbers given on the paper and by Jingkun, but none of them picked up the calls. I made my way to the student administration office and realised it was the exact place where I should be submitting the papers. When the lady told me that I had to refer to the date on the invoice to submit the school fee, I was very turned off since I knew I had to make another trip down again.

I took bus 75 home and was excited when I realised the bus had upgraded. The sound was similar to the MRT’s and there were announcements as well to inform passengers not to eat or drink. The structure was designed for the wheelchairs but overall, the important factor was missing – number of seats – since it would be a long journey for me to travel to and from school in future.

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