First Jog to Marina Barrage

The urge to see the Marina Barrage, the reservoir in the city, forced me down for a jog on Monday evening. My laziness dragged for an hour and after which, I took off at six PM.

It was a fine day for jogging due to the cool weather but the grey sky was threatening. I walked briskly towards Shenton Way and did a couple of minutes of warm-up next to the Singapore Conference Hall, opposite the Party World.

Taking the first step was difficult after stopping the sport for so long and my timing was basically wrong. There was construction work near the Marina Bay MRT and by then I had begun to slow down. The remaining of the journey was tough especially after I turned left and away from the Marina South Pier, since I had not tried any further than the nearest bus-stop and therefore felt a bit lost. Luckily there were road signs and I roughly knew I was on the right track.

The soil and paddles of water after the rain made my trip more exciting, but I had never thought of giving up even though I seemed to be dragging my feet along. Around twenty-six minutes after I put strain on my legs, I finally saw the back of a building and I knew I had arrived. It took me almost ten minutes longer than to jog towards the pier.

Marina Barrage’s car park. It’s where the shuttle bus stops at.

View of the building from near Marina Bridge

The current between the Marina Bridge and Viewing Pad

Nearer to Marina Bridge

And closer.. Just below Marina Bridge.. The Dam

Marina Bridge

View of the calm reservoir from the Marina Bridge

One of the shelters at the Marina Bridge

View of the main building from Marina Bridge

From the Marina Bridge again, slightly towards right at the Singapore Flyer’s side

View of the Viewing Pad from Marina Bridge

Stairs at the Marina Bridge, which is not accessible

The only lift which leads to the Green Roof

Into the inner of the building from the Marina Bridge’s entrance

Water decoration

Fountain surrounded with glass

The calm fountain

Water display started

Up the slope at the water decoration’s side

Further up and able to see the Singapore Flyer

View of the fountain from mid of the slope

Reaching the top

View of the Water Playground from the top

View of the Singapore Flyer from the top

View of the Boat Hoist from the top

The lift from far

The calm water behind the Marina Bridge

View of Marina Bridge from top of the building

The middle of the Green Roof where the lift and stairs are located at

The shelter

Skai near the middle of the Green Roof

View of the Viewing Pad from the top


Solar Park

Solar Park

Green Roof


Under the shelter

Rubbish bin with “Marina Barrage” label

Gallery Cafe at the second storey

View of the Fountain from the second storey

View of Marina Bridge from second storey, besides Gallery Cafe

Under the stairs just next to the lift at storey one

At the side of the fountain

Statue besides the fountain


When it’s calm

And they splashed out!

Take off your shoes and walk in the middle of the water

Boat Hoist 1

Boat Hoist 2

Boat Hoist nearer to the Pump House

At the end of the Water Playground nearest to th
e Singapore Flyer side

The Pump House is at the left

Side of the fountain. It’s colourful at human’s vision

Side of the fountain

The inner of the building next to the Car Park’s entrance

Signboard just next to the car park

I took out my camera phone and started snapping around even though I knew the quality of the pictures would be very poor under the dim sunlight. My pace was fast for I knew there was no time to waste anymore before it turned darker.

The beautiful place was occupied by couples, families and photographers, putting me on the verge of being an outcast.

As it the darkness covered the entire sky, I hesitated to take the shuttle bus back and alas, I made my dangerous decision of staggering back in the darkness and not knowing if I could complete the journey.

My slow pace marked a record of around thirty minutes and that was how I missed the entire episode of the “ten brothers” show on channel 8.

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