Lunch at Tradehub 21

I was able to concentrate on my work in the peaceful morning on Tuesday. It was one of the more memorable days for we managed to get out for lunch together with more colleagues.

My first instinct when I stepped into the office was the schedule Hasnah tasked to me. I had totally forgotten about it and was not sure of the date and time. Luckily, it was not over yet.

We went to Tradehub 21 and gathered at one of the coffee shops. It was a pity that we did not sit together with the rest of our colleagues since spaces were limited. I was simply too overwhelmed with the relationship of colleagues in my ex company. Meihoe and Dorothy joined in to increase the volume.

It was a boring afternoon having to do things which I was quite sick of. We left earlier and Jingkun dropped both Weitat and I at the first bus-stop at the expressway. Bus 196 came very soon and I started dozing off inside.

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