Not Even One Percent Accomplished

It was a torture to wake up early. Last Friday, the worst thing almost happened as George suddenly told me he would not be joining me again. I was not sure if everything was planned by the boss to put both of us to work together but it was obvious that I was not very prepared. Luckily he came in after some time to settle things.

Back to the office, I began on my work and aimed to finish off the task by end of the day but my kindness played a prank on me by sending groups of people to halt my plan. My two hours were almost totally perished in the battle against denying of free service to others.

I became frustrated yet helpless. It seemed that everyone was trying their very best to take me for granted; and selfishly they thought they would only take up a little of my time each. The worst thing was when strangers did the same thing and I seriously did not need the fame for extending my responsibility.

Why did people not finish up their own work earlier and start extorting time from others in the last minute? I was being criticized as over-pampering.

While waiting for Jingkun to return for lunch, I took a break inside the toilet just to avoid being found. I was the most pathetic person inside the office and nobody could see my spinning head. Alas, I was told that my face was really pale and I was not surprised.

I was quite relieved once we got out of the gate in Jingkun’s car towards Jurong East. It was supposed to be an enjoyable lunch though I was pressing my heavy head on the back of the seat due to the giddiness, until I received a call from an unknown number. It was from Weiming and he told me to help him out in the afternoon and the last minute task shortened our lunchtime.

The chicken rice tasted fine.

In the afternoon, instead of working on the task I split with George, I was inside one of the computer labs again. Cheng Hong was there all the while and Weiming came in frequently to check the situation.

After the miserable two hours, I was surprised that Jingkun was still around and since he was leaving and that the transferring of files to my thumbdrive failed somehow, I decided not to bring any work home. Jingkun sent me to Jurong East MRT before dropping Daniel at Bukit Batok MRT.

My plan for the day was ruined for the supposed to be completed task was not even one percent accomplished, and I was not sure when arrows would start pointing at me again.

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