Not Going to Care Too Much

On Monday morning, the sudden news of George on leave wrecked my entire plan. I wanted to spend my time concentrating on the design work for Faris and his website but I ended up spending the time on catching up with the assignments instead.

It was the first time I took over from George to stand in front of the kids even though I was given quite a number of times earlier on. The old disappointment seemed to return to cling on me once again with the lack of appreciation.

If you did not even try to listen, how would you understand? If you had a thousand excuses not to do something, nobody could help you.

I saw faces of people who were full of themselves; I saw ostriches who buried their heads to pretend nothing was happening; I saw arrogance which was the result of why some people were positioned at.

One of the things I hated most was to be insulted. If you had done any insulting thing and yet you did not realise it at all, that proved your brain was not really functioning properly.

If I had taken control of everything since the beginning, things would be different and I could become a devil who tries to push everyone to heaven.

Confucius was right that it was pointless to preach people who did not want to listen.

My blood was boiled in the afternoon. The weird guy told me, “Got work to do” like as if I was slacking and getting paid for nothing. He would only approach me whenever he need or want to get helps since I was being too kind to him since my first day of working there. Nevertheless, I could never ever forget how he had almost destroyed my friendship with my buddies more than half a year ago. The existence of such man was the massacre of kind souls, driving human race to the epidemic of selfishness.

I had totally lost trust in him and thus, I asked my boss directly over the task and somehow it was true. I did not want to put my boss into tight situation and thus I chose to hide the fact on how this asshole had been taking my kindness for granted, and thus I did not question if it was him who initially decided to put me on this task.

Office boy’s job

Somehow, for the one-man photocopying job, this creep was kind of using me while chatting with the administration staff. I had to agree that one person’s strength alone to finish up the stapling of 320 sets of papers was quite insufficient, but I was paid to do more important jobs and that working with him was a total turn-off.

Weiming was right that I had to “choose the face to work for” but I was totally proud of myself since I would choose everyone to work for, except for creeps who had betrayed my trust.

Weiming and I took a lift from Bernard to Dover MRT station and it was an enjoyable journey. I loved leaving work together with Weiming because he could at least accompany me until Commonwealth, so that I would not doze off while standing and putting embarrassments into myself.

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