SAF Medical Review at Payar Lebar Airbase

I started Monday with low morale with the invasion of the rain. It was an unforeseen situation that I did not put into consideration while planning for the afternoon’s medical review at Payar Lebar Airbase; I was too concentrated on planning how to get there on time.

Due to the rain, I did not go home. I started walking toward Clementi MRT station at 1230h after lunch and it was tiring to stand throughout the journey till Eunos MRT station. Bus 94 arrived just in time and soon, after nodding on the bus, I arrived at the main gate.

I exchanged my identification card at the guard house and surrendered my K800i and thumbdrive. As I asked the guard for the direction to the medical centre, he was quite shocked and he surprised me even more when he told me it was more than three bus-stops away. I was glad that I did not go home first since it would further drain off my time.

I passed by the Air Force Museum and Air Force School before reaching a carpark. After making a wrong detour, I finally found the little gate and reached the medical centre. I was actually fifteen minutes earlier. The NSF who served me was Pang and he was friendly.

After waiting for more than half an hour upon the scheduled time, I finally met the MO who was quite a friendly guy as well. The only test he did on me was to ask me to bend forward to touch my toes and the rest were questioning. Like usually, I missed some important points like the effect of walking could even pose minor strain on my lower back. He decided to file my case to the medical board and I was actually not very confident of winning the case. Anyway, if the medical board were to upgrade me to PES B and that if anything were to happen to me during my reservist days, I would definitely spread the fame of SAF.

The journey back to Eunos MRT was much longer somehow for the bus seemed to make a longer trip before the interchange and the traffic was slower.

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