Suntan with Wanling

I woke up unusually early on a Saturday morning again. The actual plan was to meet up with Wanling at 10.30 AM but she changed it to 11.15 AM, and she probably went back to sleep after that.

She was one of my long-lasting female friends who still kept in contact with me. Almost all my female friends drifted away from me slowly after they met new friends or sweethearts; and the remaining probably could not stand my frankness, my poor time management, and maybe other flaws.

She was late. We went to Subway to grab our breakfast and Giant to get a bottle of mineral water before heading towards Sentosa. We set up the mats outside Café Del Mar and started to enjoy the delicious sandwich. It was one of the most causal Saturdays that I ever had with my work being placed aside totally.

view from the sand

As I underestimated the power of the sun, I did not apply sunblock lotion on my legs and thus getting bad burns. Washing up at the washroom caused some fears for the water flow inside the cubicle seemed to be unstable and it would be the most embarrassing experience to walk out with shampoo on my hair.

We got back to Vivocity where Wanling got a little shopping for Christmas cards before we took the train and headed towards Chinatown. I bought shampoo and toothbrushes from the usual Swanston shop before I walked her to the Sago Lane.

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