The Pain at My Knee

Lunch for Thursday was at the canteen. I almost lost my voice since George was gone for the fourth day.

Nothing was special except for the badminton session in the afternoon. At first, I got into game play with some kids at the third court and soon, as more colleagues arrived, we had to invite them out of the court.

I got into a tight situation when Deon tried to get her students into the court. I explained to her that we had too many players and that since we had to even get the previous group of kids out of the courts, it made no sense to give special privilege to her students.

Luckily, we had Hirman and Zaki joining the court, and I played against them together with Daniel. Hirman displayed superb skill. Daniel and I had to aim at Zaki in order to increase the percentage of scoring points. In the end, we managed to emerge the winners.

I got into another game with Vivian against Dorothy and Meihoe’s husband, Mr Ng. My side was thrashed badly but Mr Ng seemed to be very impressed with my determination to dash and dive all over the court, and he invited me to play single with him. My initial plan was to rest as much as possible before the volleyball game after missing it for weeks, but it seemed that I was not good at goal setting.

It was a hell training for me as Mr Ng hit the shuttle cock towards the two corners of my court, and I seemed more like a clown. I could see that he was quite happy with his intention to train me and thus the effort was worthwhile. I made the final spectacular dive far at the right side and managed to save the drop ball, and after which, Weitat and Meihoe took over the court. As I lay down on the side of the hall, my sweat continued to drip.

I had a few sets of volleyball game to realise that my right knee was strengthless after hitting the floor for many times while diving earlier on. The pain slowed me down. I dozed off after that and my knee was tighter than before. I only wanted to play for the last set of game but nobody was there to take over me and the game dragged on another three sets. Luckily that throughout the volleyball games, I did not get many chance to spike.

Darius sent Mingli and Mingfa home and he dropped me at Jurong East MRT station before that. I had to stagger up to the train and back home. Another fortunate thing was that I did manage to grab a seat on the train. By the time I reached home, it was already after eleven PM and my dinner was vegetarian food.

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