Zaki Gave Me a Ride Home

I was a little stressed up on Wednesday morning while doing the design work for George. I had some good ideas but it was not easy to get everything done on PhotoShop; perhaps, my skill was far too shallow.

During lunchtime, Jingkun, Weitat and I were going to the canteen and suddenly Meihoe dragged us away and insisted us to go out. She refused to tell us what was happening but we could sense she was trying to avoid some people in the canteen.

I had chicken rice and sugarcane juice; the food was quite nice but I did not like the drinks. It was a special day, which marked the first time Meihoe dined together with us.

I did not like the afternoon until the badminton session began. We had Alex, Alfni, Dorothy, Weiming, Bernard, Vivian, Mr Neo, Mr Baey and Zaki with us. Alfni’s skill was impressive. We had a long afternoon and the last survivors were Dorothy, Mr Neo, Zaki and I. I was quite lost when Weiming and Bernard decided to leave suddenly since I thought Weiming could at least accompany me for half of my journey home.

In the end, Zaki was nice enough to give me a ride and I was extremely lucky that he was passing by Keppel Road. It was a comfortable trip without having to walk to the MRT station or standing and squeezing with the crowd with my heavy bags. He gave me advices while driving, and I was glad to befriend such a friendly guy.

Anyway, my calf muscles were giving me problems since before the game and it worsened after that despite the fact that I had done minimal running. It could be due to standing for too long in the class or because I was quite pissed off in the afternoon.

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