How to catch attention in networking sites

Post comment saying “thanks for your add” when you are the one who has requested for the add, just to let every viewer mistake that you are popular.

Post numerous bulletins daily in regardless of the contents, especially countless surveys of yourself when you know obviously your friends would probably read a couple of them and ignore the rest in the future because everyone is too busy to waste their time anymore. You know you just need the attention.

Chat by means of using bulletin, “share news” or other medium, such that the whole “world” will be full of your conversation, which will also push your friend’s friends’ news into the farthest end of the “world”. You just imagine you are a celebrity and everyone wants to know about your conversation.

Post advertisements for your products, services or begging of comments through private messages. You know most people have higher tendency to look through their inbox more than bulletins; and since they are probably not interested in your advertisement, you can waste a few seconds of their lives to open and delete your message.

Post advertisements for your products, services or begging of picture comments in bulletins every now and then.

Change your default picture often so that your profile will appear at the top of the “latest updates” list every now and then; and soon, everyone will realise they are always looking at your old pictures.

Post any but none of your own picture so that nobody can see your real hilarious face, hoping that they would accept your add and fill your emptiness, even though you know that whoever bothers about your looks in the first place will eventually ignore you in near future.

Register a fake account and pretend to be a hot celebrity or model. Take part in application or games like “Pets” and get people to buy you, so that you will have money to buy your real profile to increase the value. [You probably have too much time to spare]

Post photos of celebrities or models so that other users may mistake that you are the hunk or babe. Claim that you post their pictures just because you admire them.

Post photos of your relatives or friends so that other users may mistake that you are the hunk or babe.

Beg for picture comments. Flood the bulletins with your identical message every day. You know that if your picture is interesting or you are good looking, you will be commented; but you know good things do not always happen to you and you have to do advertising, which often ends up to be irritating.

Post revealing pictures and state in your profile to chase “horny” viewers away. When you are sick of doing this, splash some fruit juice on the floor and leave it on there, then start cursing the ants for coming.

Post comment for everyone who has added you just to make sure every viewer knows that you are added and that you seem to be popular.

Post your property, insurance, investment, car or other advertisements everywhere inside your profile even though you know that everyone is only interested in making friends in networking sites. Post bulletins every now and then to advertise your products.

Repost another user or friend’s personal bulletin or journal and remove the “copyright” right at the bottom. You know it that one of your friends writes something meaningful or helpful and you remove the acknowledgement at the bottom on purpose so that other page viewers of yours may mistake that the piece of great work is done by you.

Post nude pictures. Interesting pictures do captivate more attentions sometimes but pretend that you do not know that there are kids using the internet as well.

Copyrighted by Skai


PS I Love You

I kicked off Tuesday with the battle against the new design work. Due to the tight deadline, I wanted to accomplish the overall layout as soon as possible that I planned to do it overnight.

The first barrier was the installation of Photoshop software. Photoshop CS3 was working properly before the reformatting of the operating system but somehow, I could not get it to work; the AVG antivirus had probably done something to it. Installing and uninstalling Photoshop CS3 took ages despite my system was reasonably fast. In the end, I gave up and decided to proceed with Photoshop 8.0.

Nighttime was much more peaceful than during the day and thus I was able to focus more. At times when I got tired and bored of the design work, I surfed around and blogged. My efficiency was fast from expectation but I was glad enough to get most of the work done soon after daylight.

My younger brother was still sick and his waste was green in colour and that showed his food poisoning had not been cleared completely, yet he was going to Genting Highland with his buddies. I helped him to log into the extremely slow NS.SG site and it signed me out after filling in all the details in the notification of overseas strip page. I was very worried of his illness.

I took a nap for less than two hours after dozing off on the bed. I got to office very late partly due to having to withdraw money from the ATM machine and then buying of the famous muffins. I helped Jingkun to get ten pieces and then got another six to share among the rest. I met Chenghong near the school and then had a chat with Jonathan at the bus-stop while waiting for his bus.

Before I could show the draft work to the boss, he left the office. Jingkun, Daniel and I went to fetch Weitat for lunch and we proceeded to Queenstown. I took the same old chicken rice and I was quite sick of the bones. Weitat’s noodle was kissed by the fly and later, Daniel found a fly inside his fishball soup. We suspected the fly was trying to taste the fishball but he slipped into the soup and died. Anyway, it was a very unhygienic place with the amount of flies around.

I had a long nap in the evening and woke up near eleven PM to catch the last few minutes of the Korean show.


Jennifer’s Farewell Lunch and New Project

Beginning of the week was very discouraging. There were many works awaiting for me to accomplish and I was not sure which to start with.

The happiest moment of the morning was when Wee Lian asked me to join him for lunch together with bosses from other departments, however, it was Jennifer’s last day and thus we had to give a miss to the great interaction with boss.

Sometimes, I was afraid of getting too near to the bosses or any other superior, and I had been like this since long ago. My main concern was that others might mistake my real intentions. This was one of the main reasons I did not reply bosses’ emails once each task was completed.

Usually, I would show appreciation after leaving any place. It might be too late since maintaining contact was much tougher but I would make sure I would do my best to make kind people feel appreciated somehow; I lacked appreciation.

It had been one of my wishes to dine with the bosses since I had already done it with almost all other colleagues.

Lunch was at Jurong Point. Daniel, Jennifer, Weitat, Jingkun and I tried the Nyonya restaurant but the nasi lemak let us down. They even forgot to add eggs for two of the plates. Iced chendol was served with lousy quality ice and I had to leave the winter-like place with a large piece of ice left inside the bowl. Anyway, all the waiters seemed to be very inexperienced when I saw their hands trembling each time they brought dishes over.

The four of us (males) split the cost at $18.50 each for the five sets of meals, which was far too expensive for the standard of food.

Jingkun left for his dental appointment after sending us back to school. On the way, Jennifer declared that her husband was taking over her position. I was not very surprised since I did not even know the new arrangement in the first place but it was a piece of amazing news after all.

I had a small meeting with Wee Lian and Jonathan regarding a new brochure design work. There was a lot of bullshit that no other places could ever produce such fun. My designing skill was never at a standard to produce very fantastic work but Wee Lian appreciated me a lot. I was very pressurized although it was an interesting work.

The evening was a disaster back at home when I checked my phone.


陳曉東 – 最近的距離


Sony Ericsson G705

My younger brother, mum and I went to Bugis on Sunday afternoon to renew our phone lines’ contracts.

We took bus 80 to the National Library to return some books before going to the M1 Shop at Bugis Junction. We were taken unaware when the staff told us that our intended phone, Nokia E71 was out of stock already. We decided to go to Starhub shop first to get my mum another cheap yet good phone but the Starhub shop, which my brother remembered was no longer around.

We were walking halfway when my mum suddenly said she wanted to get a packet of French fries, which was very random. Later, we found out that my mum was feeling weak due to famine and it was quite ridiculous since she had bought many carrot cakes earlier on, which she did not take before leaving the house.

The MacDonald’s restaurant was simply too crowded and thus my brother decided to go to the V8 cafe for some light snacks. We ordered a plate of Cheesy Potato Wedges and Chicken pizza to share. The wedges were delicious. My elder brother and his girlfriend arrived later.

We went back to the M1 shop later and my elder brother tried hard to find out more about the Nokia E71 phone, which was a disappointment. It actually took me very long to decide on getting the phone as well since everything was nice about, especially the price, except that the camera was lousy. We would not want to wait for another month for them to top up the stocks again and that it would not be in promotion price anymore.

The next resort was to get other models and my younger brother recommended Nokia N79 and Sony Ericsson G705, which were more value for money and cheap enough. Since we had another Starhub line to re-contract, we bought both phones and I was able to choose which to use while my younger brother would send another one.

My elder brother and his girlfriend left in disappointment while the three of us stayed behind to get all the documentation done. Then, we took bus 960 to Marina Square for the Starhub Roadshow but it was a total wasted trip.


Music Files’ Details Corrupted after Reformatting Operating System

One of the greatest casualties after reformatting of my operating system was the loss of my Chinese songs’ data. For as neat as I could be, I had been maintaining the information properly.

All the Chinese characters turned into weird symbols. In the past, this could be solved simply by going to “Regional and Language Options” in “Control Panel”, and set the language for non-Unicode programs to Chinese, which was found inside the “Advanced” tab.

My elder brother who reformatted his computer hours before me had faced the same problem, however, he was lucky enough that he had made backups of his songs. He did a replacement of the songs and everything worked fine with the configuration of the “Regional and Language Options” setting.

I had no idea of the problem to the amended files’ details.

Anyway, I resolved to re-label all the tracks’ title, artist, album and lyric for the sixty over songs inside my “new” folder, having to give up on my other songs. It took me the hours and I managed to finish it by four AM in Sunday morning.


Amara Hotel Food Court Western Food Stall Scam

I had my hair trimmed on Saturday evening. I was preparing to book the appointment for the next day but the auntie told me to go down immediately before she locked up the place.

My mum went to find me and we crossed over the road to Amara hotel to dine at the food court at level four. I went straight to the western food stall and happily ordered the fish and chips set. Later, the lady stared at me for money and I handed over the five bucks but she told me it was five-fifty.

I was not surprised of them increasing the price and thus I looked at the signboard’s pictures again and looked for the price, which clearly stated five bucks only. I smiled and asked politely whether did they update the price, she simply pointed at an A4 size paper on the table for me. I was stunned for I did not notice it at all as I thought it was just a menu.

I felt very offended with the attitude of the lady because she made it sound like it was entirely my fault for not knowing the price change. If I were her, I would have apologised before pointing to the A4 sized paper, which sat on the “crowded” table.

Anyway, the paper read that from 7th August onwards, the prices of all the sets would be adjusted up for fifty cents. Why were the prices on the signboards not amended until this day, after four months?

I wondered how many people were conned like me, ordering the food and then only realised about the change of price later. What if I had only brought five bucks along with me and that I thought it was enough to enjoy a plate of western food, ordered and realised I was lack of fifty cents?

I was further astonished by the proportion of the food; everything had shrunk. Since I had chosen not to have rice, the usual practice was to change the proportion to French fries; however, the amount of French fries was unreasonably little.

To be fair, the fish tasted good and I would not mind the price, but I was too disgusted by their dishonesty and bad attitude that I would condemn the stall.


Missed Meihoe’s Cooking

Last Friday was supposed to be a fun gathering. Even though I was lazy to go back to school to play badminton and enjoy the good food, I was all prepared to drag my feet out of the house.

I received an SMS from Meihoe and I immediately confirmed with her that I was going back. After messaging Jingkun because he told me he might not make it on the day, he told me the gathering was cancelled.

I quickly called Meihoe and confirmed everything. She had bought all the ingredients and was already cooking, and thus, I felt quite bad for wasting her effort. It was a missed opportunity to taste her cooking as well.