Badminton and Volleyball Friendly Match

On Thursday, lunch was “lor mee” again since I was still feeling sick and could not take other stuffs.

In the afternoon, I tried to drag time so that I could get to rest more. I would not have done any sport for the day if Meihoe did not tell me that Mr Ng was going down to play with me.

I went to the canteen to grab some sandwiches and the auntie sold me a box of them for two bucks, and even asked her assistant to make a cup of tea for me when I told her I was sick.

The entire hall was very crowded. When Mr Ng arrived, I teamed up with him to play against the rest. Next, Daniel allied with me against Afni and Vivian. After teaming up with Dorothy against Meihoe and Mr Ng, I played one on one with Mr Ng and it certainly took me lots of courage and energy but at least, we did not play as long as the previous time.

After badminton, we proceeded to play volleyball. We had friendly match with some Malaysians and some of the SIM players came down as well. It had been ages since I last had serious volleyball game and I felt so weird. Jumping with my injured right knee was difficult and the runny nose was irritating. I was not able to do my best.

Overall, we won three games and lost one game. I left after that since I was not feeling well and that I had to wake up early for the next day.

My stomach gave me lots of problems, posing more problems than the flu and cough.

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