Full Morning of Torment

Thursday morning was a killer. I did two sessions of invigilation at one go apart from the fact that I had to wake up super early. Cheng Hong SMSed me to give me morning call and I was so shocked over his kindness. The only motivation was that work would be lightened after this. I managed to survive the hours of torment and by then, everyone was already at the canteen.

I spent the afternoon doing the design of icons for George. Most of the colleagues had a meeting and at first I was pinning hope for them to return early enough for badminton. Jingkun went off to settle stuffs while Weitat went over to IMM to buy things. In the end, badminton was eventually cancelled and thus I continued with my work until evening time.

Volleyball game was fun except that my right knee was giving ways. I left together with Kachua at around 10.30 PM to take the train home.

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