Volleyball with Baseball Player

After the long weekends, returning to work on Tuesday was uneasy.

Boss took leave to go to library so that he could concentrate on his work. Weiming and Jonathan’s presence was another bonus to resist the emptiness of the entire office.

Jingkun left to find his girlfriend during lunch time. Weitat took Daniel and me to Botak Jones, where we waited for Mingfa and Jennifer’s arrival. Weitat, Daniel and I shared two big plates of fish and chips and they were quite yummy.

I took Jennifer’s car back to work. All of them left before four PM and I was left “alone” working on the website’s design. The only noise was Alex and his two students who were working on videos.

In order to allow the Serco guy to leave early, I left the office after six PM so that he could lock up the place earlier. Later on, he opened the MPH door for me. As the rest started to arrive one by one, we were ready to set up the court but the security guard came in to chase us out, saying that we had booked the place only from eight to ten PM. I was angry for she was doing it on purpose with instructions from some bastards, and taking account that we worked together before, she was such a disappointment.

Volleyball was supposed to be a fun game but it really depended on the players as well. I was totally not used to playing with arrogant people who showed no respect towards his own team, and worst still, towards the game itself. We had a baseball player for the night who expected his own team member to handle the ball which seemed to fall from the hundredth storey.

If I could not do something well, I would not have the creep to lecture others about how to do it. If I did not have the mood to play in the game, I would step out of the court instead of ruining other people’s game.

The boredom drove me insane and that I started to make noises like an escaped mental patient. I left earlier.

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