Amara Hotel Food Court Western Food Stall Scam

I had my hair trimmed on Saturday evening. I was preparing to book the appointment for the next day but the auntie told me to go down immediately before she locked up the place.

My mum went to find me and we crossed over the road to Amara hotel to dine at the food court at level four. I went straight to the western food stall and happily ordered the fish and chips set. Later, the lady stared at me for money and I handed over the five bucks but she told me it was five-fifty.

I was not surprised of them increasing the price and thus I looked at the signboard’s pictures again and looked for the price, which clearly stated five bucks only. I smiled and asked politely whether did they update the price, she simply pointed at an A4 size paper on the table for me. I was stunned for I did not notice it at all as I thought it was just a menu.

I felt very offended with the attitude of the lady because she made it sound like it was entirely my fault for not knowing the price change. If I were her, I would have apologised before pointing to the A4 sized paper, which sat on the “crowded” table.

Anyway, the paper read that from 7th August onwards, the prices of all the sets would be adjusted up for fifty cents. Why were the prices on the signboards not amended until this day, after four months?

I wondered how many people were conned like me, ordering the food and then only realised about the change of price later. What if I had only brought five bucks along with me and that I thought it was enough to enjoy a plate of western food, ordered and realised I was lack of fifty cents?

I was further astonished by the proportion of the food; everything had shrunk. Since I had chosen not to have rice, the usual practice was to change the proportion to French fries; however, the amount of French fries was unreasonably little.

To be fair, the fish tasted good and I would not mind the price, but I was too disgusted by their dishonesty and bad attitude that I would condemn the stall.


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