How to catch attention in networking sites

Post comment saying “thanks for your add” when you are the one who has requested for the add, just to let every viewer mistake that you are popular.

Post numerous bulletins daily in regardless of the contents, especially countless surveys of yourself when you know obviously your friends would probably read a couple of them and ignore the rest in the future because everyone is too busy to waste their time anymore. You know you just need the attention.

Chat by means of using bulletin, “share news” or other medium, such that the whole “world” will be full of your conversation, which will also push your friend’s friends’ news into the farthest end of the “world”. You just imagine you are a celebrity and everyone wants to know about your conversation.

Post advertisements for your products, services or begging of comments through private messages. You know most people have higher tendency to look through their inbox more than bulletins; and since they are probably not interested in your advertisement, you can waste a few seconds of their lives to open and delete your message.

Post advertisements for your products, services or begging of picture comments in bulletins every now and then.

Change your default picture often so that your profile will appear at the top of the “latest updates” list every now and then; and soon, everyone will realise they are always looking at your old pictures.

Post any but none of your own picture so that nobody can see your real hilarious face, hoping that they would accept your add and fill your emptiness, even though you know that whoever bothers about your looks in the first place will eventually ignore you in near future.

Register a fake account and pretend to be a hot celebrity or model. Take part in application or games like “Pets” and get people to buy you, so that you will have money to buy your real profile to increase the value. [You probably have too much time to spare]

Post photos of celebrities or models so that other users may mistake that you are the hunk or babe. Claim that you post their pictures just because you admire them.

Post photos of your relatives or friends so that other users may mistake that you are the hunk or babe.

Beg for picture comments. Flood the bulletins with your identical message every day. You know that if your picture is interesting or you are good looking, you will be commented; but you know good things do not always happen to you and you have to do advertising, which often ends up to be irritating.

Post revealing pictures and state in your profile to chase “horny” viewers away. When you are sick of doing this, splash some fruit juice on the floor and leave it on there, then start cursing the ants for coming.

Post comment for everyone who has added you just to make sure every viewer knows that you are added and that you seem to be popular.

Post your property, insurance, investment, car or other advertisements everywhere inside your profile even though you know that everyone is only interested in making friends in networking sites. Post bulletins every now and then to advertise your products.

Repost another user or friend’s personal bulletin or journal and remove the “copyright” right at the bottom. You know it that one of your friends writes something meaningful or helpful and you remove the acknowledgement at the bottom on purpose so that other page viewers of yours may mistake that the piece of great work is done by you.

Post nude pictures. Interesting pictures do captivate more attentions sometimes but pretend that you do not know that there are kids using the internet as well.

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