Jennifer’s Farewell Lunch and New Project

Beginning of the week was very discouraging. There were many works awaiting for me to accomplish and I was not sure which to start with.

The happiest moment of the morning was when Wee Lian asked me to join him for lunch together with bosses from other departments, however, it was Jennifer’s last day and thus we had to give a miss to the great interaction with boss.

Sometimes, I was afraid of getting too near to the bosses or any other superior, and I had been like this since long ago. My main concern was that others might mistake my real intentions. This was one of the main reasons I did not reply bosses’ emails once each task was completed.

Usually, I would show appreciation after leaving any place. It might be too late since maintaining contact was much tougher but I would make sure I would do my best to make kind people feel appreciated somehow; I lacked appreciation.

It had been one of my wishes to dine with the bosses since I had already done it with almost all other colleagues.

Lunch was at Jurong Point. Daniel, Jennifer, Weitat, Jingkun and I tried the Nyonya restaurant but the nasi lemak let us down. They even forgot to add eggs for two of the plates. Iced chendol was served with lousy quality ice and I had to leave the winter-like place with a large piece of ice left inside the bowl. Anyway, all the waiters seemed to be very inexperienced when I saw their hands trembling each time they brought dishes over.

The four of us (males) split the cost at $18.50 each for the five sets of meals, which was far too expensive for the standard of food.

Jingkun left for his dental appointment after sending us back to school. On the way, Jennifer declared that her husband was taking over her position. I was not very surprised since I did not even know the new arrangement in the first place but it was a piece of amazing news after all.

I had a small meeting with Wee Lian and Jonathan regarding a new brochure design work. There was a lot of bullshit that no other places could ever produce such fun. My designing skill was never at a standard to produce very fantastic work but Wee Lian appreciated me a lot. I was very pressurized although it was an interesting work.

The evening was a disaster back at home when I checked my phone.


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