Music Files’ Details Corrupted after Reformatting Operating System

One of the greatest casualties after reformatting of my operating system was the loss of my Chinese songs’ data. For as neat as I could be, I had been maintaining the information properly.

All the Chinese characters turned into weird symbols. In the past, this could be solved simply by going to “Regional and Language Options” in “Control Panel”, and set the language for non-Unicode programs to Chinese, which was found inside the “Advanced” tab.

My elder brother who reformatted his computer hours before me had faced the same problem, however, he was lucky enough that he had made backups of his songs. He did a replacement of the songs and everything worked fine with the configuration of the “Regional and Language Options” setting.

I had no idea of the problem to the amended files’ details.

Anyway, I resolved to re-label all the tracks’ title, artist, album and lyric for the sixty over songs inside my “new” folder, having to give up on my other songs. It took me the hours and I managed to finish it by four AM in Sunday morning.


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