Probably Last Volleyball of 2008

Tuesday night’s volleyball was a last-minute call-up. It was just nice for me to enjoy the game before my school’s commencement.

The night could be much better if my stomach did not give problems. The digestive system was on strike again and it was far worse than ever this time. The stomach stitch made me feel so sick. I dozed off in the evening a few times, as my body felt weak. I could have made it on time for the volleyball but I was sent to the toilet a few times before that.

I was coughing throughout the game and simply strengthless to do my brain’s bidding. Weitat was absent because he had lesson in his school and he reminded me of my next busy year. In the midst of the game, not everyone was friendly, like usual, and it was a great turn off to receive “black face” from the same side. I hated heroic dramas, which happened whenever there were “outsiders” around.

We lost all games and everyone was quite irritated over Jianhui’s comments to his NUS team even though he was quite right.

After the game, we went to Cineleisure to meet up with Weitat at the Hong Kong cafe. I did not take any food since the three PM’s lunch was not digested yet. The curry pork they took was very tempting.


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