PS I Love You

I kicked off Tuesday with the battle against the new design work. Due to the tight deadline, I wanted to accomplish the overall layout as soon as possible that I planned to do it overnight.

The first barrier was the installation of Photoshop software. Photoshop CS3 was working properly before the reformatting of the operating system but somehow, I could not get it to work; the AVG antivirus had probably done something to it. Installing and uninstalling Photoshop CS3 took ages despite my system was reasonably fast. In the end, I gave up and decided to proceed with Photoshop 8.0.

Nighttime was much more peaceful than during the day and thus I was able to focus more. At times when I got tired and bored of the design work, I surfed around and blogged. My efficiency was fast from expectation but I was glad enough to get most of the work done soon after daylight.

My younger brother was still sick and his waste was green in colour and that showed his food poisoning had not been cleared completely, yet he was going to Genting Highland with his buddies. I helped him to log into the extremely slow NS.SG site and it signed me out after filling in all the details in the notification of overseas strip page. I was very worried of his illness.

I took a nap for less than two hours after dozing off on the bed. I got to office very late partly due to having to withdraw money from the ATM machine and then buying of the famous muffins. I helped Jingkun to get ten pieces and then got another six to share among the rest. I met Chenghong near the school and then had a chat with Jonathan at the bus-stop while waiting for his bus.

Before I could show the draft work to the boss, he left the office. Jingkun, Daniel and I went to fetch Weitat for lunch and we proceeded to Queenstown. I took the same old chicken rice and I was quite sick of the bones. Weitat’s noodle was kissed by the fly and later, Daniel found a fly inside his fishball soup. We suspected the fly was trying to taste the fishball but he slipped into the soup and died. Anyway, it was a very unhygienic place with the amount of flies around.

I had a long nap in the evening and woke up near eleven PM to catch the last few minutes of the Korean show.


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