Sony Ericsson G705

My younger brother, mum and I went to Bugis on Sunday afternoon to renew our phone lines’ contracts.

We took bus 80 to the National Library to return some books before going to the M1 Shop at Bugis Junction. We were taken unaware when the staff told us that our intended phone, Nokia E71 was out of stock already. We decided to go to Starhub shop first to get my mum another cheap yet good phone but the Starhub shop, which my brother remembered was no longer around.

We were walking halfway when my mum suddenly said she wanted to get a packet of French fries, which was very random. Later, we found out that my mum was feeling weak due to famine and it was quite ridiculous since she had bought many carrot cakes earlier on, which she did not take before leaving the house.

The MacDonald’s restaurant was simply too crowded and thus my brother decided to go to the V8 cafe for some light snacks. We ordered a plate of Cheesy Potato Wedges and Chicken pizza to share. The wedges were delicious. My elder brother and his girlfriend arrived later.

We went back to the M1 shop later and my elder brother tried hard to find out more about the Nokia E71 phone, which was a disappointment. It actually took me very long to decide on getting the phone as well since everything was nice about, especially the price, except that the camera was lousy. We would not want to wait for another month for them to top up the stocks again and that it would not be in promotion price anymore.

The next resort was to get other models and my younger brother recommended Nokia N79 and Sony Ericsson G705, which were more value for money and cheap enough. Since we had another Starhub line to re-contract, we bought both phones and I was able to choose which to use while my younger brother would send another one.

My elder brother and his girlfriend left in disappointment while the three of us stayed behind to get all the documentation done. Then, we took bus 960 to Marina Square for the Starhub Roadshow but it was a total wasted trip.


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