The Website Feeling is Back

Jingkun was on medical leave on Wednesday due to his ankle’s injury. Daniel, Weitat and Kevin joined me for lunch but since we had no car, there was some hesitation at first. The canteen’s only opened stall was the one which I had condemned and thus, I advised them to lunch out instead. Since the weather was hot, I was quite guilty over it.

We walked to Clementi hawker centre and the western food stall was on business for me. I ordered chicken cutlet for Kevin and Weitat while Daniel went for chicken chop. I prepared my coins to pay for my lunch because my wallet was “exploding” but the auntie collected the notes from Weitat when I insisted I had to pay for my meal first. The coins were shared among Weitat and Kevin and it made me guilty again.

Back to the office, I continued with my work. The boredom from doing George’s website design threw me into my own PHP project. I got addicted once again. Ajax codes were improved to “post” instead of “get”, which improved a lot on the security. Alas, time restricted my enthusiasm.

I spent the night with the website after clearing emails and dragged till quite late before going to bed.

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