Sleepy Volleyball

Something caught me when I was about to go to sleep. It was an extremely tiring morning. Lunch was all alone inside the office. When I rushed to the lab to see everyone standing outside, I knew I was somehow being setup accidentally.

I struggled the afternoon nodding a few times inside the office to do work. Jingkun left for his night class whereas Weitat went home because he wanted to meet up with his friend before the volleyball game.

Mingli came over right after her class and I met her at the canteen. Weitat got back with my Burger King’s Chicken sandwich and it tasted very good.

I dozed off for a while and woke up to join in the game with five hours of sleep for the past two days. I was exhausted and thus could not perform to my standard. We had to play five on five in the lack of players and Mingli let me play throughout the games since she knew I could not go down to play often anymore.

Weitat decided to dine at the prata shop near my house. I took a lift in his car together with Mingli while Mingfa took a lift from Wilson. They had employed a China guy to work and the combination was weird since all of the staffs were Indians.

When I asked for new prata, the guy claimed that the pratas were all “new” and Wilson witnessed them reheating the pratas. Weitat was very disgusted with the plastic-like pratas even though the rest of us thought they were not that bad, but was definitely off standard.


Slow Laptop

I was ready to sleep at three AM but Irwin seemed to be troubled and thus I accompanied him to chat downstairs my house until around six AM. I had two hours of sleep before getting up for work.

One of the most sickening things was that the office’s software was not updated enough to configure the new EHz-link card, such that I could not access into the office by myself until when the headquarter was ready to move on with the government’s trend and technology.

I received another two ang bao and I actually felt quite bad since I was already a grown up.

I tried new lunch together, which was the long-wanted nasi pataya but I was very turned off to the fact that inside the egg, it was plain rice instead of fried rice. The sauce almost made me faint. Other than that, the food was quite okay.

I had a pathetic day because I uninstalled the Photoshop CS3 from the laptop since the resource could no longer take the load. The system drive was actually too small; the free space had to have more than a gigabyte big in order for the entire windows XP to run at normal speed.

The research on my presentation was a disaster since the topic on cryptography was very dry for case study. I tried my best but with the slow system, keeping my eyes open was helpless.

I was quite tempted to get myself a laptop to use in office, for studies and to get out of my house to work at one of the cafes or fast food restaurants in future.

There was no badminton even though I had brought my stuffs along.

Weitat, Daniel and I left together without Jingkun. However, before we leave the gate, Jingkun had driven pass us without any signalling and we could see how rush he was.


Chinese New Year Day 2

The plan to have golf with Irwin on the second day of the Lunar Chinese New Year day two was cancelled since I was not sure what time my family would be leaving house for house visiting. My gang’s gathering at Kok Chiang’s house faced the same problem.

We took bus 80 instead of NEL and the journey almost killed me again. My elder brother and his girlfriend reached the interchange at the same timing. We had our Ez-link cards replaced by the new type but I was having hesitation since I would face the problem of accessing the office again and I hated troubling others.

We had fun disturbing our nieces and nephews for the entire afternoon.

Since it was my elder brother and his girlfriend’s birthday, we placed order for tickets at Bishan’s Golden Village for “Love Matters” by director Jack Neo through the GV website. Bus 88 put me to sleep.

The cinema was one of the worst we could find in Singapore nowadays. My younger brother’s view was blocked by a big head who sat straight throughout the show. On my left was a couple and the girl was in sexy red dress, whereas their hugging was an indeliberate distraction with the girl’s butts facing me.

The movie was humorous at many scenes but the ending part was quite weird at the “Jeremy” part.

We managed to catch the last train home but my elder brother was not as lucky.


Chinese New Year Day 1

The start of the day was like previous years, which was house visiting to my aunt’s place. Before that, we went to Burger King but changed our minds and visited the new MacDonald’s branch at Shenton Way instead. It was fantastically designed and I regretted not asking them to dine in instead.

We spent some time over my aunt’s house before going home. There was a gathering at Wilson’s place but I was waiting for my family to visit the River Ang Bao until quite late. After my younger brother reached home, we went off without my elder brother.

The event was hosted at the Floating platform where NDP had been conducted for the past two years. There was a big crowd at the entrance and we were quite turned off because the entire place was much smaller than the usual ones.

There was a stage where all the China people performed. Statue-like lanterns of the twelve animals were as per normal and there was an additional gigantic Chinese chess set. We left the platform very soon and walked around the small “Food Street”. Some of the stalls did not label price for the food, which was very cunning. We did not buy anything in the end.

It seemed that more than half of the patrons were China people. The only good thing about the place was that there were many sweet girls around.


Chinese New Year Eve

I woke up after four in the afternoon. Starting the day at the hour was amazing considering the fact that I rarely would have a good long sleep. However, I had a mixed feeling since I could have spent the time doing other things.

There was some sweeping and mopping of the floor by my younger brother and I but I did a few times on my part.

Reunion dinner was as per normal; nothing was appealing.

At around ten PM, Irwin came over to bring me to West Coast Park MacDonald’s again for the second night, where he did some brainstorming on his work. If only I was not taking the course at UOW, I would have taken up his projects.

We shared a nugget meal and I got to drink chocolate milkshake finally again but somehow the sensation was not very good.

The chat resumed at the car park and finally nearby my house. A mosquito irritated me badly.

My mum had insisted to go to Chinatown early and I refused to join in the “fun” in the rain with the huge crowd. By the time I went home, they had returned and thus I did not go down to Chinatown.


Spring Cleaning

Last Saturday was a day meant for resting after the tiring week. Time could be spent more efficiently if not for the festival mood.

My mum was complaining about having headaches when she stupidly worked long hours in the early mornings for her boss. Nobody saw a point why she should be working for the pathetic pay; it was abuse of workers and sadly, dumb people still existed.

The defrosting of the small fridge in the living room took me some time. Nevertheless, my uncountable times of telling my mum the huge energy consumption of fridge was adding burden to the electricity bill every month remained useless. It was not as if my family was big and that we had no choice over it; if only my mum would throw away all the long expired food inside the big fridge.

I did a little packing of the house and finally got to clean the toilet’s walls after years. It was an exhausting job to reach the corners and all the wiping drained off my energy and before long, my backache started again.

Playing Condition Zero was a release of pressure for the past few weeks. My elder brother joined in the fun and we played a couple of games.

I was anticipating that my gang would ring me up but they did not, until a few hours later in the early morning. It was around one AM and I shown them the way to Chinatown. We did not comb the entire pasar malam but to travel in one direction. The scenery was very good with hot stylish girls walking around.

After reaching home, Irwin suggested going out and he drove down to fetch me to West Cast Park MacDonald’s’ where we had our late supper. We chatted till before sunrise and he sent me home.


Recalling Your Dreams

There are too many “dreams” word mentioned recently during conversations and even in movie.

There are times, which I have been so determined to outshine others, but soon the amount of work crashes me and flattens my dreams.

I sit here and watch time staggering away, and each step he takes wrecks my heart so hard until I get numbed.

Before I realise I have lost myself, I am losing most of my enthusiasm.

Have you ever glanced at the stars in silent to recall how many dreams have walked over your life?


Reasons to Skip Night Class

One of the irritating incidents I had ever encountered on the train was when I was trying to read up on my lecture notes by the side of the “inner” doors, two bangalas came in, one standing right in front of the door and the other one hanging on to the ring support at my left. It was not that bad if they did not start talking and sandwiched me with the noise. The latter even walked towards the doors to see the scenery and then walked back to his original position.

I spent my free time in office to study and do my assignment. Wee Lian’s kindness to get us involved in the afternoon’s workshop caused hesitation. I was more than happy to join in the creativity game with my colleagues but I had to prioritise my night class top after having a session the night before and also, waking up early in the morning for work.

Lunch was too sudden for me. It was quite a big group outing this time with Dorothy, Mei Hoe, Nicholas, Daniel, Mrs Wo, Vivian, Mrs Lam, Mrs Seetoh and my two usual buddies. We went to West Coast to have sliced fish soup with noodles. The person who attended to us was very impatient and rude and we were surprised that Dorothy could take it without asking us to leave together. Anyway, it was costly at the price of $5 and XO soup would be $7. Practically, I was not a lover of the item and thus, could not tell the quality.

Jingkun and I sent Weitat home before going back to the office. I was right that I could not stand sleeping for less than four hours the night before, however, I waited for Jingkun to finish off his stuffs and we left around forty-five minutes later than projected time. We even had some food outside the theatre, which cost us time.

By the time I reached home, it was almost five PM and I dozed off soon. I woke up in shock at around six-thirty PM, knowing that I would definitely be late for my night class. I hurried down to the bus-stop and it took around twenty minutes for bus 75 to arrive but it did not stop since it was too packed. Seeing that the bus-stop was half full with people who were all waiting for the same bus and not wanting to waste another twenty minutes or longer time to wait for another packed bus, I quickly paced off towards Tanjong Pagar MRT station, leaving a babe behind.

I was very quick on my feet like usual all the way to the station, however, inconsiderate people were blocking the way. Perhaps, I was very proud of myself for the consideration I gave to others whenever I was strolling slowly on the way, which in turn, increased the demands for others.

I was good in calming myself down, in order not to blame SMRT for not sending more bus 75 down at the busy hour. I was reminded of government’s campaign to advise Singaporeans to use public transport and yet the public transport system was never good enough. The train was very packed as well but somehow I managed to squeeze in.

Bad things did come with good returns for I was blessed to get to see a very stylish looking girl. She was slim in her office wear and at almost the same height of mine, holding a Mac book. I was more tempted when I saw her hold a shoes bag, which probably described her sportiness. However, she alighted at around Commonwealth.

I took bus 154 at Clementi to SIM and was late for more than forty-five minutes. I could have arrived half an hour earlier if I did not walk to the bus-stop, wait for the crowded bus and walk to the MRT station.

I was totally lost at the lab since I was very late. During the break, I sat with Yuanle and his colleague. Japit started revising the lecture and I was so impressed that he managed to enlighten me unlike the main lecturer who totally failed despite having more time with us.

I was almost killed under the torment for Yuanle’s friend went out to smoke during the break and thus when he returned, his entire body was smelt of smoke and together with his opened Redbull, the smell was horrible and poisonous and I knew the effect of taking third-hand smoke was far worse than anything.

At the end of the lecture, I called Irwin a few times before he picked up to tell me to meet up in another day.


Smoke Slayer Version 1.2

I started mugging on the way to work. I spent my morning more useful than ever.

Alex caught me at my seat to ask me to go touring with him after he had helped NEA to make $800. There was no luck inside his car and we had a little suntan after that before he advised me to take my lunch half an hour before lesson began.

It was crowded in the canteen. Jingkun and Weitat were already there with Mrs Wo, Dorothy, Elvin and Afni. Kevin joined us afterwards.

I was distracted from editing the Flash game. Flash animation was tedious work and it was difficult to demonstrate, otherwise, I would have to do thirty over projects and I would be awarded the points in the end.

I was very stressed up in the afternoon. After around four years, it was difficult to understand even my own coding. However, it seemed that hard work did pay off and I managed to debug it at around five PM, and finally feeling relaxed.

I went up to find my gang but they were all gone and probably did not want to disturb me since I looked stressed. I had a little chat with Meihoe for she was trying to show me the video taken during the cohesive event – Food Rally. Grace Cheong joined in to explain more details of her video editing story while I held my bladder.

I went to school earlier than usual and met Haiyati at the bus-stop and we took the same bus but she alighted at Clementi MRT. Traffic was much smoother at that hour. I went to the fourth storey to get a teriyaki chicken burger but took a beef one instead and I was more alert than usual to go back to the auntie. She made an exchange with me but I was rather disappointed with the taste of the chicken burger this time.

I went into the lecture theatre early but it was difficult to doze off. I concluded defeat. Yuanle arrived a few minutes before seven and finally I realised I did not check the school email for instructions and was totally unprepared for the tutorial.

Mr Loo started off broadcasting the presentation groups and helping us to find our team members. I was quite happy to get to know new people. Mr Loo sounded very soft and I was very glad when he mentioned that he would be taking another two of my modules in the next two semesters.

The tutorial was basically all about the presentation and we were dismissed as early as nine PM, however, bus 75 kept me waiting for long that I could only reach home at ten PM. I was so frustrated at the fact that even “bus 61” had arrived twice. Music kept my temper down.


Kevin Chua was the Hero

I could not get to sleep after having five hours of nap. The three hours of sleep after that almost kept me on bed and late for work.

The most shocking thing that happened in the morning was Kevin’s SMS to inform me that he was sick. It was never easy to operate alone in Bukit Batok but I was glad and guilty that he joined me even though he was on MC. His consideration made me feel so lousy somehow because it was obvious that I could not handle things good enough; he was simply too impressive.

The morning ended earlier than ever and I proceeded back to office. Mingfa came later without Mingli despite they had planned earlier on to come together for lunch. Weitat was absent for the second day, down with gastric flu and that he did not even reply my SMS the day before and that showed how bad his condition was.

In the afternoon, I was killed by my Flash game because of the Toa Cah Soh part, which had left me since more than four years ago.

In the late afternoon, I had a little amendment to the “no smoking” poster before some of us gathered to wait for the clock to tickle. Bernard sent Wei Ming and I to Dover MRT, while George continued the ride and was probably sent to NTU directly for his night lesson by the kind fellow.

After reaching home, I remembered my mum was not cooking and that there were stories to hear from Irwin and thus I dated him out for dinner. We got to chat at Vivocity’s Long John’s Silver and later at the Sky Park.

Eugene came over to join us and we went to Kim Gary restaurant to accompany him for dinner. The waitress, Wang Na, was quite a babe. After the freezing moment in the snow-like place, we ended the day.

I got home to resume my battle through MSN with the skinny skeleton while Irwin was still on his an hour walking trip home with the hill climbing exercise at the end of the journey.