512 MB Ram is Never Enough for Photoshop

I took a risk of spoiling my own reputation on Friday by not going to office. Weitat and Jingkun knew my situation well and suggested the idea to me the night before.

The travelling time was definitely harmful to my work. The time wastage and crawling-like speed of the laptop together with its lack of resource to do up the design work forced me to make up my mind. It was a good decision. At least I had clear self-conscience that I was even spending my own holidays on work.

The staff from Starhub finally called over. My younger brother confirmed the new line we were going to subscribe and together with my mum’s singing, we picked a new number out of the given choices. I would be waiting for the new SIM card to be delivered over and then my current line would be cancelled.

I was tremendously sick of receiving annoying calls looking for another person on my line ever since I got it three years ago. I guessed the previous owners of my current number were running away from loansharks and thus they did not let anyone know of them changing their numbers; or perhaps, some morons could have given their friends wrong number (my number). Lastly, it was also necessary for me to get away from gays and unworthy friends.

Jonathan sent me new pictures for amendments. I further touched up the faces of the models to remove pimples and moles, and smoothen their faces. I was one step nearer to perfection of my Photoshop skill though I was not even at half of the journey.

In the evening when I was taking my nap from the exhaustion of making love with Photoshop, my mum called to ask me to go down to get my watch done. It was a birthday present two years ago from my younger brother and the chain was a bit tight that I had not put it on for so long.


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