A Rather Stressed Day

Some people could do stupid things to risk throwing two hundred bucks away.

There seemed to be a bug in my flash game but I had already forgotten the way I programmed it years ago. Just a couple of important tasks to implement but I was inefficient for the entire day no matter how hard I was working on it. There were unavoidable interruptions in the afternoon, which was the main cause.

It was great to see Chi Chiang again and I loved chatting with Eunice as well.

The discussion with my boss rather made me realise the future still sounded smooth for me although I was still battling against the boredom and frustration. If only I were from a rich family, I could easily make a choice between making a living and working towards my dream.

The urge to continue with my website crashed with my studies. The tonnes of loads I missed from the lecture were piling in my brain, and every time I thought of them, I got so depressed.

I went home with the bulky projector, which added frustration, having to bring it to Bukit Batok the next morning, which was even further away. I dozed off in the evening and jumped up an hour later to realise it was the actual time I was supposed to meet up with Irwin for golf.

I took a little food for dinner before rushing off to Queenstown. It was a wrong decision perhaps for my entire body was wrecked since the day before and the blisters on my right hand instigated to defy my instructions.

I was using one of Irwin’s drivers instead of the usual “7 Iron” and it was a different feeling. However, I was too anxious like before, hitting the ball too hard to get it right.

A Rather Stressed Day


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