Chinese New Year Eve

I woke up after four in the afternoon. Starting the day at the hour was amazing considering the fact that I rarely would have a good long sleep. However, I had a mixed feeling since I could have spent the time doing other things.

There was some sweeping and mopping of the floor by my younger brother and I but I did a few times on my part.

Reunion dinner was as per normal; nothing was appealing.

At around ten PM, Irwin came over to bring me to West Coast Park MacDonald’s again for the second night, where he did some brainstorming on his work. If only I was not taking the course at UOW, I would have taken up his projects.

We shared a nugget meal and I got to drink chocolate milkshake finally again but somehow the sensation was not very good.

The chat resumed at the car park and finally nearby my house. A mosquito irritated me badly.

My mum had insisted to go to Chinatown early and I refused to join in the “fun” in the rain with the huge crowd. By the time I went home, they had returned and thus I did not go down to Chinatown.


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