Fifth Day of School

Friday morning was a terror like usual, having to wake up at six AM. The previous nights of inadequate sleep set my brain to a zero efficiency level. At least I was glad that I was on time for work after the four nights of struggle.

I was quite tempted to go out for lunch with Hasnah, Afni, Bernard and others but Jingkun was sick and that he did not want to lunch out, and thus I accompanied him to the canteen.

I intended to leave office earlier to rest my brain at home before the night class began but bosses were not around and I did not want to bother them by calling or messaging them, and thus I waited until three PM. Many colleagues had left by then and I was surprised that I was slower than them. I waited for Jingkun to finish up his Flash animation before taking his car to Jurong East MRT.

After reaching home, I collapsed very soon. Even though the one hour of nap was still insufficient, it was quite good to keep myself more awake later on. The beginning of the journey to SIM was slow with the traffic jam but I was glad enough that the second half was not that bad.

I was lucky to get to see another babe who boarded the bus after Holland Village. She had slim and nice legs, showing off in her short shorts. It was not about the amount of skin she was showing but the wear she dressed herself up, since I appreciated stylish girls and it told me more about the way they would interact with people.

I was late for around five minutes. Yuan Le was sitting at the fifth row and I joined him. The lecture’s contents were much more boring than the previous days’ but Professor Willy Susilo managed to entertain everyone with his jokes to keep the theatre more alive.

We were dismissed half an hour earlier but I wasted some time waiting for Yuanle to chat with his colleague and then he decided to stay on. I waited very long for bus 75. The bus travelled slower than usual since the road was not very empty and I got home only after 10.30 PM, and I was actually expecting to be at home more than twenty minutes earlier.

I spent the rest of the night in front of the television.


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