First Day of School at SIM

It was difficult to get down to sleep early and I had to toss my body repeatedly to find the correct position but to realise that I could not doze off still. My legs were aching somehow and stretching them could only help a bit.

My younger brother seemed to try to adapt to my sleeping trend and did not switch on the air-conditioner; however, my mum did the usual disgusting job of increasing the electricity bill for herself to grumble at the end of the month.

In the end, I made a correct choice to numbing myself on the massaging chair and I dozed off quite soon after that.

I started yesterday morning as a policeman. It was difficult to go against big groups of rascals and the job was shit.

Jonathan added comments about the design of the flyer and the amendment haunted my morning when I was in the lab. George kept everything in place there and thus, lessened one of the loads on my mind.

Lunch was together with my gang and Daniel. Since the canteen was crowded, we went out to the Avenue 2’s duck rice stall again to share an eighteen bucks half duck. Drinks were on Daniel and I only forked out twenty cents.

I was anxious about my lecture notes and thus I called my mum to check whether was there any letter for me at the letterbox but she was not home yet. I started doing the amendments of the flyer and since Jonathan’s document was in Microsoft Word 2007, I was forced to install the version of Word into the crawling laptop.

Jonathan came to look for me before I could do much changes and we sat together to make the changes. My mum called in the midst of the work and told me there was a letter for me, but it was actually from UOB instead of SIM, and my heart was wrecked. Wee Lian came over to discuss over the flyer with us and he helped to make changes to the contents, which not every boss would bother to do personally.

After everything was confirmed, I gave a call to Bernard from UOW and he actually thought he had emailed me the password to my student portal to retrieve all the lecture notes and information, and I was very disappointed with the service. He promised to email me and send the hardcopy to me.

I was at a loss since the lecture was at seven PM and my initial plan was to go home since I had told my mum I would be back for dinner before going to school. My younger brother was not at home and I was wondering how long Bernard would take to send the email over to me.

It was raining, which really worsened my mood. I was supposed to be going down to Bukit Batok alone for the next day since Afni was having orientation and it was another bomb to me, and that I had to carry the heavy projector home to bring it along with me all the way to Bukit Batok.

Things got better when I received the email and managed to log into the student portal but Jonathan came back for more changes. I was totally stuck that I could not leave the office nor print out my lecture slides.

Then, I got a half confirmation that the Bukit Batok’s lesson would be beginning only on the 19th and it was a big delight. Nevertheless, I had to wait for mobile phone confirmation, which I was already quite certain since the email was already received. The stupidest thing was when I said about I did not receive the email, I was told by the freak that he did not have my email address. I had sent him email before long ago for work purpose and that, everyone inside the office had been receiving daily staff movement updates from Jonathan every morning, and often, Wee Lian would broadcast email and specially address the contract staffs’ names. That guy was really a freak.

After asking for opinions, we settled down for the final design. Eunice was cool and she had super duper good judgement; I was in fact quite glad that I did not have to work under her, otherwise I would never meet her superb standard even though she was kind.

The queue at the printer was bad. Someone printed large number of stuffs and eating up the papers Daniel put inside the printer. That person was really an asshole who did not dare to own up.

Weitat finished the checking of some report cards by himself within one and a half hour when it was supposed to be shared between the three of us. Then, he helped me with printing of my notes.

Weitat, Kevin, Daniel and I were ready to leave together at around five PM. I was quite turned off by the fact that I was an hour behind my plan. When we reached half of the stairs, Daniel went back to get his umbrella and later, he went into the administration office. He did not catch up with us. Since it was already quite late, Weitat’s initial plan to accompany me home to check on something was taken off.

Kevin took bus at the interchange and thus I walked to the MRT alone to miss a train and having to wait for five minutes at the busy hour when people were getting off from work.

After reaching home, I only took a little food and threw them into my stomach, which was very bad for my usual stomach stitch. Since I was drenched, I took the risk to take a bath after toilet meeting and I was quite impressed with my own speed.

I wore a polo tee, jeans and a pair of sandal instead of just shorts and slippers due to Kevin’s influence. I wanted to test the market before down-dressing more.

There were two empty seats at the back of the bus 75. I was expecting many people to alight at Outram Park MRT but I was totally wrong. It was too late to regret when the seats were taken up by very disgusting people who rushed to take them. Due to the bus hour, the traffic was quite tight and slow moving, and it took me some time to get to sit down and open my notes to read. However, since I had less than four hours of sleep the night before, I started nodding and decided to give up.

I was late, which I blamed badly on the traffic. There were many groups of students inside the lecture theatre and I felt quite outcaste though it did not matter much to me. When the attendance list was passed to me, I saw that there were only around ten or fewer students who went into the third year directly, which meant that most of the students were already classmates for one or two years.

I could concentrate on the lecture and understand the points since most of them were too logical to me, but I failed to recall the points no matter how I tried. It was going to be terrible if the exams were to ask me to list out all the points before writing down the meanings. Memory was my killer.

I smelt a strong orange fragrance and I thought someone was eating it. Then, I remembered Hirman had given me a small orange planted by himself personally and I had not taken it out from my bag since a week ago. Then, I knew something bad had happened and quickly zipped up my bag to stop the smell.

I was quite happy that the first lecture ended at 8.30 PM but when the professor mentioned about the second lecture, I was very stunned since I had only printed out the notes for the first lecture. Luckily that the next lecture was about security, which was quite straightforward and thus, there was not many notes for me to write down. Nevertheless, it caused sleepiness and my mind went out of the screen every now and then, but was lucky enough that I did not doze off.

After the class, I went to the toilet since I did not go for the break for I was alone. I crossed the bridge to see Kok Chiang and Ah Teck smoking there. Even though I was irritated by the disgusting smell, I stayed there to chat with them. Many students walked pass and gave obvious disgusted looks and hands actions to shake off the smoke when they passed by and I supposed smoking under the shelter was illegal under the new law.

Even though I had just missed the bus 75, the next one came within ten minutes and it was the second time I took the new bus, which was designed for the disabled. I felt so glad that very few people hopped onto the bus. A cute and sweet girl
boarded it after me but she was sitting at the front and thus I was not entertained during the distance, except by two guys behind me who were chatting quite loud in unknown language. The girl alighted near Zouk.

I rushed home after alighting from the bus and I could only manage to catch the last few minutes of the Yi Zhi Mei Korean show on channel U.


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