Kevin Chua was the Hero

I could not get to sleep after having five hours of nap. The three hours of sleep after that almost kept me on bed and late for work.

The most shocking thing that happened in the morning was Kevin’s SMS to inform me that he was sick. It was never easy to operate alone in Bukit Batok but I was glad and guilty that he joined me even though he was on MC. His consideration made me feel so lousy somehow because it was obvious that I could not handle things good enough; he was simply too impressive.

The morning ended earlier than ever and I proceeded back to office. Mingfa came later without Mingli despite they had planned earlier on to come together for lunch. Weitat was absent for the second day, down with gastric flu and that he did not even reply my SMS the day before and that showed how bad his condition was.

In the afternoon, I was killed by my Flash game because of the Toa Cah Soh part, which had left me since more than four years ago.

In the late afternoon, I had a little amendment to the “no smoking” poster before some of us gathered to wait for the clock to tickle. Bernard sent Wei Ming and I to Dover MRT, while George continued the ride and was probably sent to NTU directly for his night lesson by the kind fellow.

After reaching home, I remembered my mum was not cooking and that there were stories to hear from Irwin and thus I dated him out for dinner. We got to chat at Vivocity’s Long John’s Silver and later at the Sky Park.

Eugene came over to join us and we went to Kim Gary restaurant to accompany him for dinner. The waitress, Wang Na, was quite a babe. After the freezing moment in the snow-like place, we ended the day.

I got home to resume my battle through MSN with the skinny skeleton while Irwin was still on his an hour walking trip home with the hill climbing exercise at the end of the journey.


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