Meihoe’s Birthday Treat

Relieving duties were waste of time somehow when the subject was not my forte, or rather, totally stranger to me.

I managed to draft out something for the following week’s torment at Bukit Batok but the morning spelt anxiety for me.

Weitat went to meet up with his students. Alex and Mdm Seet were asking me out for lunch and I insisted to wait for Jingkun inside the staff room. I did not dare to disturb him during his lesson and thus only ten minutes later, I called him. When he told me he was going out, I was stunned and felt stupid and embarrassed for rejecting my two colleagues earlier on. I went to the canteen to buy the usual mixed vegetable rice back to office but I stopped by to chat with many people along the way. My colleagues returned when I just finished eating and I was very lost to explain what had happened.

I managed to spend some time editing my “Smoke Slayer” game in order to “revise” on my Flash and Action script skill. Every day was learning day. Just when I was so engrossed in the editing, Weitat, Daniel and Meihoe called for me and we proceeded to Avenue 2 for dinner. Mingfa and Mingli joined in the claypot rice feast and the dinner was on Meihoe because it was her birthday. I was quite embarrassed once again since she had told me before her birthday was on January and that I had almost totally forgotten about it even though she did not tell me the date.

Anyway, I was not a claypot rice lover and that my entire body was stunk after the meal and felt so irritated throughout the night. All of them claimed that that stall was not very fantastic.

I made my way down to the bus-stop at around 6.30 PM. Bus 154 came to welcome me and I was glad that it was not as crowded as what I had anticipated. I was early for lesson! However, the lack of sleep acted like drought and almost killed me completely. I was not sure if the module was too boring or the lecturer was just too weird. I was very stressed because Yuanle was far too smart and I was wondering if I was the lousiest in the entire lecture group.

The journey home was unusual for I was busy trying to SMS my contacts about my change of number. Like the previous times, which I had tried, after typing the message and then selecting multiple recipients before sending, the “internet” icon appeared and then failure message appeared. I went to the sent message to try to resend and the message was converted to MMS, which was so dumb for I did not add any video or image at all. My younger brother guessed it was because I had not activated the MMS service on my phone. Everything was so stupid and that I probably would wait until Sunday to start SMSing my contacts on the phone who I did not have their email address.

Anyway, a stylish girl boarded the same bus as me and sat two seats in front. The journey could be much more entertaining if I could get to see her more before she alighted before the big turn towards Great World City.


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