Mobile Phone Number Changed

I signed up a new Starhub mobile phone line under my mum’s name to enjoy the Hub Club privilege with discounts since we had Maxonline and SCV.

Last week when I called Starhub to cancel the line at night, they told me they would call me at my previous line back within five days to confirm the cancellation. Since I did not want to carry an extra phone with me, I had been waiting for them to call me to confirm it before switching to the new SIM card.

Services had been very bad for the past two days that my friends did not receive some of my SMSes. Just a moment ago when I was about to go to bed, I realised the display on my handset was “Inactive SIM” and immediately I knew what had happened.

What happened to the damn Starhub people when I was using the old SIM just because they bloody hell claimed that they would be calling me at that number to confirm it and now that they had terminated the line before informing me, leaving me no chance of telling my friends.

91829456 is no longer in use.


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