Never a Lone Ranger at SIM Lecture Anymore

New design work arrived and I was not sure if bosses knew about it; I was not sure if I should notify them about it so that others would add in more workload for me when I was already at my throat. It was poster for anti-smoking campaign and thus I was interested in contributing my part but time was pushing me hard.

Canteen was as crowded as the day before. Weitat, Jingkun and I dined out at Clementi at the newly renovated coffee shop at Teck Heng. A lousy plate of nasi lemak without cucumber was very expensive at $2.50, which I could get better quality and quantity at the hawker centre instead. Anyway, the uncle at the Malay stall took my order or nasi patanya and made me wait for nothing as he told me the chicken was not ready yet.

The afternoon was a struggle of battle against time. Designing small icons spilled my brain juice. I decided to go for the splash page first for George but it was difficult to get three logos of different tones to be integrated nicely into a splash page, which was not supposed to be very big sized.

I got some buns and mai gai at the drinks stall at $2.20. Alex suddenly mentioned about introducing girls to me, which was so random. I was glad though, since it was a good progress of friendship since the first few weeks he arrived and sometimes turned a blind eyes to me even when I smiled at him; of course, it was better than Veron’s case and she was actually very friendly ever since we started playing badminton together.

I felt very glad when Jingkun and Weitat told me they wanted to have a bite at Bukit Timah and Jingkun would be sending me over to SIM. The main road was super congressed and Jingkun took a big round by travelling in the opposite direction towards Bukit Batok. I was guessing he could have stick to the same road since the distance was much shorter. Anyway, it was good that I could close and rest my eyes inside his car. Their consideration was very touching.

It was my first visit to the canteen at SIM. It looked unique somehow except that my shirt stunk soon. I went up to level six to get my letter of confirmation as SIM student to submit for deferment of NS from Sara.

I knew exactly well I would be earlier than Professor Willy since I saw him dining at the canteen just before I bid my gang goodbye. I took the second row seat this time and I was a lone ranger like usual. I had a hard time staying attentive. During the break, I stared at the person who looked like Yuan Le and I was glad when he called out my name. Edgar finally replied my SMS and it was too late.

Since Yuan Le had changed his number, he did not reply my SMS in the morning. However, he still held my existing number. I was wondering how many more numbers in my list were ownerless already.

We were dismissed early again. I waited quite long for bus 75 together with many students at the bus stop who were waiting for their buses as well. I took an empty seat behind a trendy girl who was probably from junior college judging from her t-shirt. It was such a pity that she moved nearer to the windows soon that I could only glance at her back. Nevertheless, I had my MP3 to entertain me on the way. She alighted at Great World City and the remaining short journey was more boring than ever.

I managed to catch more than fifteen minutes of Yi Zhi Mei on channel U again. Poor Yuan Le was staying at Bedok and I felt quite fortunate somehow, even though I was wishing so much that I was staying at Clementi.


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