New Mobile Phone Pouch

My Saturday started off late. After finishing the design work for a flyer, I went to Marina Square with my mum and younger brother to re-contract a Starhub line.

While waiting at the bus-stop, two smokers were just right outside the shelter and the wind tried to murder us by blowing from their side towards our direction. I was wondering how effective NEA’s law to ban smoking inside bus-stop was. We took bus 75 and alighted opposite Marina Square. One of the escalators was spoilt and I was surprised that the management kept the working one moving downwards. We got a new phone for my mum.

I was trying out the free wireless network but it was not as easy as I expected. I could not login into my Gmail somehow and that some websites took forever to load.

Dinner was at Carl’s Junior. We shared two sets of meal and chitchatted over there. It was already nine PM and every shop was beginning to close so early on a Saturday night. We walked towards Suntec City to search for phone pouch. My younger brother got himself one good quality pouch at Popular bookstore and he bought me one at the Wallet Shop. I hesitated for quite a while before buying because I found the pouch not very pretty but it was ultimately interesting for a heavy Internet user like me dealing with all the advanced sites. We book bus 196 home after that.

After eleven PM, I went down to jog with my brother with his phone to try out the Sport Tracker using GPS. Unfortunately, at some places, there was no signal and thus we could not totally trust the results.


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