New Year Day 2009 and About Dreams

I started my New Year day on Thursday late since I slept late to do up some design work.

The long sleep eventually took me to an exciting dream of mysterious action scenes. It would definitely become a blockbuster if I could remember everything. It was not the first time I was inspired by my dreams but too bad that I was not a movie scriptwriter. I could write everything down as I remembered after waking up but my mind was more about my work and websites.

It has been quite long since I dream. I used to dream almost daily during my army days and it was a big twist after that. I have heard sayings that having dream during sleep is not good since our minds would be working hard during the sleep when they are supposed to be resting. However, does dreaming symbolize a more active mind, which is better than being a zombie?

I love dreaming of beautiful things because sometimes I dare not even daydream since good things usually do not happen in real life, at least, not in my life.

The first day of the year was a dull day. More effort was spent on packing up of my harddisk. I also copied my previous NP’s stuffs to the harddisk from the backup CD so that I could work on the flash game to recall my flash skill again.

The beginning of the new week was a terror.


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