New Year Eve

I was supposed to make full use of the entire day but I woke up to be very restless. No matter how hard I tried to force myself to focus, my mind seemed to be numb. Despite taking naps, I could not help but to become a wasted man for the entire afternoon.

I signed up for an account for Wireless@SG but since there was no network at home, I could not try it on my phone.

My gang went to Jingkun’s girlfriend house for steamboat but I chose not to join in since I was quite sick of heaving steamboat. Moreover, it was at Bukit Batok, which was of a distance away. The worst thing was transportation at night for I did not want to make any of them drive me back after midnight specially from the West to Central of Singapore.

My decision to stay at home seemed to be correct as I got into the mood of working on Photoshop soon. I learned more skill as I progressed. Whenever I got bored, I had twenty minutes of counter-strike game.

While everyone was counting down for the new year, I was playing game.


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